Balance one; balance all

I had a beautiful weekend. On Friday evening, Silver Spiral had a belated Litha. It was a gorgeous ritual. In the power raising, the group was given a fairly simple poem to turn into a chant. It started as just rhythmic speaking, than acquired melody, then evolved into a call and response with a complex…

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Determination of green

When I was a little one, one of my favourite things to spot was a dandelion growing through the road. Not in the cracks in the sidewalks, but seemingly breaking right through the sticky black asphalt. I still watch for those stubborn little weeds. I also love when vines climb houses and fences and hide…

Determination of green was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

Broken connections, broken glass, broken trust

My spine and brain is a frayed electrical cord, short circuiting and sending confused messages to my body. I lose connection to parts of me; sometimes I look at my fingers and toes to make sure they are still there.   Broken connections to broken dishes: mixing bowls and glass measuring cups are the victims…

Broken connections, broken glass, broken trust was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

A rant

Screenshot of the title of the "Rick's Rant" section of "The Rick Mercer Report".


I need an alley of graffiti art to passionately pace through, à la Rick Mercer. Picture that as you read, if you would.


I’m generally an “if it harm none, do whatever you want” person. If you want to invoke fairies and unicorns – more rainbow power to you. If you like to decorate with skulls and black candles – embrace your darkness. Tarot, crystals, herbs, fancy tools or a stick you picked off the sidewalk – have at them! Tree hugging, dancing naked around a fire, praying, fasting, meditating, elaborate ceremonial magic or a bit of kitchen witchery – go for it! Though I have a philosophical problem with the idea of weather magic, I don’t actually believe that it is possible, so, you know, as you will…


Mediumship, though, is a crystal of a different cut. People who claim to speak to the beloved dead and pass on their words or let their voice come through them are performing a fraud we should not tolerate.


The memories of our loved ones – what they actually said and did, and who they were when they lived and loved – are precious. But if someone claims to speak to them, they feed us new memories and put new words in the mouths of those who aren’t here. And that’s not right.


If your beloved dead visit you, that may create new memories of them for you; I respect that. But no one else should be allowed to tread on the legacy of other people, especially not for fame or profit. What is remembered, lives – don’t let anyone mess with your memories.

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A rant was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

Trust me: you can trust them

I was listening to a tech podcast this week that included an interview. The host kept asking these long questions that were basically stating the guest’s entire findings or opinions ending with “does that sum it up correctly?” Luckily the guest was skilled at mining a topic to elaborate on out of those paragraphs; if…

Trust me: you can trust them was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is uncooperative

“Sedentarism is very much linked to consumerism, materialism, colonialism, and the destruction of the planet. If you’re not moving, someone else is moving for you, either directly, or indirectly by making STUFF to make not moving easier on you. You were born into a sedentary culture, so 99.9 percent of your sedentary behaviours are flying…

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is uncooperative was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

Link roundup: Pagans with chronic illnesses

Similar to and overlapping with the issue of accessibility is the issue of Pagans dealing with chronic illnesses. This seems like a less explored topic. The Mighty, an amazing site created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities, has 4 articles when you search “pagan” and only one of those was an…

Link roundup: Pagans with chronic illnesses was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

What is the point?

Inspired by “What’s the Point of Witchcraft?” on the Keeping Her Keys blog.     I don’t get easy comfort from my gods. The universe is unimaginably expansive and the stars are out of reach. The moon, the ocean, the mists, the mountains… they don’t placate, they don’t offer aid, and they don’t hear prayers.…

What is the point? was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

The Pagan value of vulnerability

Due to some mysterious symptoms and random pain, I went from a very active person to being mostly house-bound very quickly in 2017. In the search for answers, I’ve been shot with lasers, radiation, electricity, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and xrays… I should be a superhero by now.   I’m very lucky that my job let…

The Pagan value of vulnerability was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic