The universe seeing itself

Each of us is a piece of the cosmos experiencing itself. We have always used our senses to do this, and our imaginations at least back to cave paintings, but in our world now, we have enhanced abilities so the piece of the cosmos we each represent can see more and experience more than our ancestors could dream of.


Zoom in and see the composition of nature.


A single fan-shaped ginkgo leak and three images of it from a microscope.

A dried ginkgo leaf under a microscope.


Zoom out and see our earth from an impossible perspective.


Photos of Earth from Space: Blue Marble Eastern hemisphere, Blue Marble western hemisphere, and Black Marble: the Earth at night.

The Blue Marble East and West from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and The Black Marble from NASA Earth Observatory.


Pan around the world and witness stories where you will never be.



Feed your inner divine cosmos with information and with imagination and with beauty at all scales.

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The universe seeing itself was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

We will be ancestors

Ever since this past Samhain season, I’ve kept tripping over information about ancestor worship, working with ancestors, ancestor shrines… These things have never been a part of my personal practice and I still don’t feel called to them now, or, at least, not in the ways I’ve seen them done. There’s nothing wrong with those…

We will be ancestors was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic

Our place in the cosmos – part 2

  “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos   We are stardust breathing and dreaming and thinking and creating. Our very bodies are made of elements born in centres of long-gone stars.   Eyes evolved and we saw the stars. We are stardust star watching. We are the…

Our place in the cosmos – part 2 was originally published on We're Made of Mud and Magic