A rant

Screenshot of the title of the "Rick's Rant" section of "The Rick Mercer Report".


I need an alley of graffiti art to passionately pace through, à la Rick Mercer. Picture that as you read, if you would.


I’m generally an “if it harm none, do whatever you want” person. If you want to invoke fairies and unicorns – more rainbow power to you. If you like to decorate with skulls and black candles – embrace your darkness. Tarot, crystals, herbs, fancy tools or a stick you picked off the sidewalk – have at them! Tree hugging, dancing naked around a fire, praying, fasting, meditating, elaborate ceremonial magic or a bit of kitchen witchery – go for it! Though I have a philosophical problem with the idea of weather magic, I don’t actually believe that it is possible, so, you know, as you will…


Mediumship, though, is a crystal of a different cut. People who claim to speak to the beloved dead and pass on their words or let their voice come through them are performing a fraud we should not tolerate.


The memories of our loved ones – what they actually said and did, and who they were when they lived and loved – are precious. But if someone claims to speak to them, they feed us new memories and put new words in the mouths of those who aren’t here. And that’s not right.


If your beloved dead visit you, that may create new memories of them for you; I respect that. But no one else should be allowed to tread on the legacy of other people, especially not for fame or profit. What is remembered, lives – don’t let anyone mess with your memories.

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